Palos Verdes portuguese bend reopened

  • For any of you in the south bay area, Portuguese Bend in Palos Verdes is reopened.  It was closed in the fires a few months ago.



    For anyone that hasn't ridden the trail it's a pretty unique one!  It's short and sweet.  Starting from Del Cerro park, you can go down the fire road all the way to the beach, with beautiful pacific ocean views the whole way down.  Then a climb back up the fire road, with the steepest grade at about 8%-9%.  (low, but not lowest granny gear is comfortable).


    Singletrack option?  why yes!  From the very beginning of the fireroad, there's a singletrack running parallel to it, and when the fireroad makes the first big right bend you'll see some big water tanks.  Cut across the fireroad to find a great singletrack on the left side of the fireroad.  Enjoy the ride down with some swooping banked, close quarter turns.  As far as I can tell all of the forks all rejoin, and they all hit the bottom of the fireroad.


    There's plenty of options to take here, I've only explored a few of them.


    Have fun!


    **edit 12/28/09 **

    I went for a hike there yesterday and got to scope out the fire damage.  It turns out that the singletrack I mentioned is closed.  Actually most of them are.  Only the single track on the north end at the 2nd bend is open, and a small one in the middle section (but it has a nice jump there!) is open.  You're mostly limited to the fireroad going down, and anything on the northwest part of the trek.