It's Not Bad. It's Not, It's Not.

  • Hey guys,

    If you love pasta raise your hand (as I type one handed).

    A few clients have asked me whether or not pasta is bad
    because it's a...CARB.

    Well the answer is no. Your body needs carbs just like
    your car needs gasoline. The real issue at hand is how
    much you're having and what type of carb it is.

    Generally a normal sized not put extra inches on your
    thighs portion is the size of your fist. Not the 20 fist serving
    you get at most restaurants.

    The type of carb you're having is important too. White flour
    refined and enriched type carbs are not your best choice.
    Those are simple carbs that your body will burn through
    like paper.

    Complex carbs like whole wheat pasta and whole wheat/grain
    anything is where you want to look. You get the benefit of
    of fiber, feeling full, and having energy for a longer period of time.

    Please feel free to pass the word around that carbs aren't
    the enemy.

    Rock your fitness,

    John Bocobo
    Owner Santa Clarita Fit Body Boot Camp
    20724 Centre Pointe Parkway #3
    Santa Clarita, CA 91350


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