Are You Broken?

  • 'Sup Fit Body's,

    A Boot Camper this morning reminded me
    of this simple but overlooked part of your fitness...


    You know that stitch in your side you used to get
    when your pe teacher made you run to the fence and back?

    Does that stitch still haunt you today?

    You're broken -- you chest breather.

    We were born breathing from our belly's. Scholarly types
    call it diaphragm breathing.

    Don't believe me?

    Take a look at the way baby's breathe. Their
    belly's go in and out with each breath.

    Somewhere on the way to being all grown's up we
    stopped doing that and started chest breathing,
    which overworks neck muscles, keeps you from
    getting enough o2 and...

    leaves you grabbing at your sides.

    Fixing you is gonna take practice so here's how it works:

    Inhale through your nose = belly button out

    Exhale from your mouth = belly button pulled waaaaay in

    Use your stomach like a pump to make room for your lungs
    to fill with air, then push all the air out when you exhale.

    Yes it's gonna feel weird. But you didn't learn to walk
    in a day, so practice, and breathe easy.

    Go sweat, be fit, and have an awesome weekend!

    Committed to your fitness success,


    PS  - The local radio station did a news piece on our charity
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