Do You Make This Fitness Mistake?

  • Hey there Fit Body's,

    We are elbow deep in the holiday season and
    many of you are doing awesome with your

    Pat yourself on the back for this,
    but do not forget the biggest part of your
    fitness success...


    The holiday shopping blitz and party's
    can make it hard to eat for a flatter stomach.

    Just remember that there are hidden calories
    out there that we may overlook, so keep your
    eyes opened.

    I was in a Starbuck's the other day feeding my
    habit and realized many of your waistlines could
    benefit from my "ah-ha" moment too.

    So there you are stepping up to the counter
    to order a SuperVentisimoMochaCinnoLatte
    RedEyeWithExtraWhipCream thing that packs
    up to 860 calories (for the largest size)!

    Put the ruler down. No need to rap yourself
    across the knuckles here.

    The solution...

    Go for the smallest size blended drinks that
    carry around 239 calories OR the smallest
    plain coffee or tea that has...63 calories!

    You can still enjoy what makes your taste
    buds do a happy dance and still burn
    some fat.

    Committed to rocking your fitness,


    PS - I just wanted to say THANK YOU to
    Shelly, Glenna, and Espie for your referrals.
    Next month's boot camp is half off for you.
    Also, special note to Jen: Thanks much for
    bringing Espie and Hilda -- it's going to be
    fun working with them. Your next month
    is FREE!

    John Bocobo
    Owner Santa Clarita Fit Body Boot Camp
    20724 Centre Pointe Parkway #3
    Santa Clarita, CA 91350