Open This And Make It Your Fittest Year Ever

  • Happy Twenty-Ten Fit Body's,

    This very first fit-tip for the New Year
    is a double-header, because there's
    so much good stuff to share.

    So Melissa and I were in Santa Barbara
    a few months ago and we stumbled upon
    these amazing dates at the farmer's market
    on State Street.

    The vendor had us hooked on Bari dates and
    Honey dates. These things were outrageous,
    and they totally blew away my notion that
    dates were fogey-food.

    The Bari's exploded with the taste of warm
    baked buttery goodness, and the Honey dates
    tasted well---like honey.

    Despite thinking that these things are like
    candy here's the lowdown:

    Dates are fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, and packed with fiber
    They're loaded with amino-acids that help digestion and control blood sugar
    They can potentially reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, while revving up your immune system
    And this wonder food is also a great source of vitamins A, C and B
    Pack 'em for snacks and enjoy!

    Finally, from our friends at IDEA here are
    the top 10 ways to get healthy in 2010.

    Switch from regular soda to diet, and pass on sugar-laden energy drinks.
    Never skip breakfast.
    Drink alcohol only on weekends, if at all.
    Use olive oil instead of butter on bread or when cooking.
    Chew your food slowly, and always sit down when you eat.
    Substitute sweet potatoes or yams for white potatoes.
    Always ask for salad dressing on the side.
    Choose dairy products that are fat free or 1%.
    Ask restaurant servers to bring you half your meal and to put the other half in a doggie bag to take home.
    Replace your regular dishes with smaller salad plates.
    Alright guys put some of these things to use and
    please share the info with your friends.

    Dialing-in your eating habits plays a HUGE
    part 80% of getting you the results you want.
    Let's rock your fitness!

    Committed to your fitness success,

    John Bocobo
    Owner Santa Clarita Fit Body Boot Camp
    20724 Centre Pointe Parkway #3
    Santa Clarita, CA 91350


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