You're Gonna Burn A Ton Of Fat

  • Happy post-Super Bowl,

    Let's face it Fit Body's, many of you don't like your parts.
    If it's not your arms, it's your stomach, that little pocket
    on your inner thigh, or some spot on your back.

    Heck some people aren't even happy with their calfs.

    We should all know by now that you can not spot reduce
    on your body----anywhere. Period.

    Now that that's out of the way, what I do want to share with
    you are the 5 best ways to burn fat off your body and
    make everything look good. After all who wants to just be
    known for having that super-toned area in your back that
    no one can see anyway.

    Stop treating your workout like a security blanket. I see this all the time, people doing the same workout or the same cardio for months even years. Your body and mind need to be challenged and forced to adapt so...switch things up frequently and see and feel your body change.
    Perform exercises that move more than 1 body part at a time. By doing exercises like burpees, squat presses, pushup mountain climbers etc you will seriously crank up your metabolism, turn up your heart rate, burn gobs of fat, and save some time.
    Practice active rest. Uhhhh...waiting around in between exercises is sooooo last century. Maximize your time and keep your heart rate up by doing some cardio or core work while you're "resting" in between exercises.
    Thumb your nose at the elevator. Let's say you workout 3-4 days a week for an hour at a time. That leaves you over 160 more hours during the week to either sit around OR purposely do more active things like--taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in the farthest spot and walking a little farther.
    Eat more frequently. Yes that's right--like every 3-4 hours and in smaller portions. This is like putting wood on a fire. The effect this has on your body is that it learns to burn what you eat rather than hold on to it and store it as fat.
    There they are guys. The "big secrets" to losing fat. If you're
    already doing these things keep rocking it and spread the word.
    If some of these things are missing from your fit and healthy
    lifestyle start slow and incorporate 1 of these things until it
    becomes a habit.

    Committed to your fitness success,

    John Bocobo
    Owner Santa Clarita Fit Body Boot Camp
    20724 Centre Pointe Parkway #3
    Santa Clarita, CA 91350