Do You Know These Superheroe's

  • Hi everyone,

    There are some phenomenal Superfoods out there
    that do some pretty amazing things.

    If these foods aren't on your plate, go get 'em.
    If this stuff is old news to you then keep it on
    autopilot and say "Self, good job, you rock!"

    Here are some of the amazing things these
    Superfoods can do for you:

    Protect you from stress
    Hydrate you and keep your heart healthy
    Boost digestion and reduce inflammation
    Give you healthier lungs
    Heal wounds faster
    So are you ready to eat?

    Say hello to the Super 7:

    Sweet corn
    Get your eat on guys and girls and be sure to
    drink tons of water. Till next week.

    Stay fueled and stay fit,

    John Bocobo

    Good to Go Fitness, LLC.