Are You Guilty Of This?

  • What's up G2G peeps,

    There's a lot that goes into getting in-shape.

    The one thing you don't hear much about is
    the mental side of it.

    Trust us there is a mental aspect to this whole
    fitness thing. The simplest way to describe it
    is that your thoughts influence what you get
    in life.

    With that said here's an informative article
    on getting your head right to be in the best
    shape of your life and stay that way.

    Click the link:

    As always guys and girls ROCK IT and
    we'll see you next Monday at Warner
    Ranch Park at 5 for the start of August

    To all of those about to sweat we salute you,

    Ethan, John, and Albert

    PS-Share the article with your friends, family,
    and co-workers and invite them to the park
    also. Good Karma all around.

    John Bocobo

    Good to Go Fitness, LLC.