If You're Lactose Intolerant Raise Your Hand

  • Helloooo everyone,

    Several of our clients and some people in
    general either can't stomach dairy or
    have gone off of moo-juice altogether.

    Ultimately the lightbulb goes off and
    you ask yourself:

    "Self, what can I eat for calcium if
    I can't eat dairy?"

    Here's the short list to help you out:
    Fish. Salmon and sardines are both good sources of calcium with around 250 mg per serving.
    Leafy greens. Most greens have high levels of calcium. Just be aware that some (like broccoli, spinach and kale) contain oxalic acid which interferes with the absorption of calcium, so cook these to neutralize the acid.
    Nuts and seeds. Almonds have 80 mg, walnuts have 125 mg, and sesame seeds have 200 mg per ounce.
    Fortified products. Opt for tofu, soy milk, breads, and orange juices fortified with calcium.
    Hope this helps. In addition to these foods,
    don't forget to eat your small and
    frequent meals to kick-up your metabolism.

    Rock your fitness,

    John Bocobo
    Good to Go Fitness, LLC.