How Something Simple Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Body

  • Hello all,

    Alright, many of you DO workout. That's awesome.
    Keep it up.

    We've been in a few people's ears about this, but
    the info is so useful we're putting it out there
    for everybody's benefit.


    It's the word of the day, and an absolute necessity
    if you've put your stake in the sand of planet-workout.

    Your body responds to exercise a lot like it does when
    you're injured. Training causes tissue breakdown,
    and each time it regenerates new tissue your muscles
    can take more. This is how we re-shape legs, arms,
    and stomachs.

    Now, if you're going all out 6-7 days a week
    you are NOT giving your body a chance to recover.
    Eventually this earns you a first-class seat on the
    vicious cycle of injury and burnout.

    Be kind to your body. Show it some love with
    something we call "active rest." This includes
    using your foam roller and or light cardio.

    Trust us. You'll get more out of your training
    and have some amazing results to show for it.

    Here to get you fit,

    John Bocobo
    Good to Go Fitness, LLC.