Are You Missing Out On These Fat-Loss Techniques?

  • What's going on everybody,

    It's great to be back from last week's seminar.

    After finding out what we do on planet-G2G
    so many people asked if we had any tips
    for fat-loss.

    Of course we did!

    We just wanted to pass the info along to
    you this week to keep it in your mind and
    stay focused on doing the things that will
    get you what you want.

    Put these up on your fridge:

    Put yourself on a caloric-deficit -- simply put you gotta burn more energy than you're putting in your mouth.

    Go for the shock and awe -- attack that fat with a highly effective combo of nutrition and exercise.
    Lift those weights -- build sleek muscle and kick your slow metabolism off that stump.
    Eat more -- 5-6 small meals every 3 hours tells your body to burn baby burn.
    Throw gas on the fire -- INTENSE intervals and metabolic style training (what we do in Hybrid) will melt fat.
    If you're doing this stuff congratulations
    for living it.

    If you could use some work in these
    areas take it step-by-step to make
    it part of your lifestyle.

    Be sure to share this information
    with your friends and co-workers.

    Keeping you sweaty and fit,

    JOhn Bocobo

    PS -- Drink lots of water

    Good to Go Fitness, LLC.