Core Myths

  • Greetings from the land of hot,

    Every so often I find it necessary to pull away
    the curtain and


    reveal the truth about THE CORE.

    Especially when I see so many people in the
    gym bouncing off of stability balls and or
    pulling on their neck's like they're competing
    for all the marbles in a solo MMA fight.

    What it isn't

    Your core is NOT simply your abs and low-back.

    Contrary to popular belief crunches, no matter what
    form, shape, or planet they come from WILL NOT
    strengthen your midsection.

    Recent studies show that crunches actually cause
    more back injury than prevent it.

    What it is

    Your core is a group of well over a dozen muscles
    in your spine, midsection, and hips that work
    together to hold your torso or pillar stable.

    Stability is necessary because you've got arms and
    legs and life moving around you and it is your pillar's
    job to make sure all that motion has a solid foundation
    to start from.

    Training these muscles doesn't look all that glamorous
    or give you that burn in your abs but trust me when I
    tell you it ain't easy folks.

    Bridges from the front, side, and back.
    Balancing on one leg, and overhead squats are a
    great way to begin training your core/pillar.

    Why so many sides to work?

    Because you move in 360 degrees and you should
    be strong in all those areas. Weakness in any side
    opens you up to injury.

    Keep these things in mind when training your "core"
    in the gym. And just in case you think bridges are boring
    let me leave you with this image from one of my
    teachers, who is doing something that he didn't
    get from crunches.

    Keep your belly button in,


    PS - Bringing it closer to home. One of our clients
    throwing down some serious G2G core training.

    Good to Go Fitness, LLC.