How To Snack Smarter

  • Hi G2G peoples,

    Let's talk snacks. We've always advocated
    eating real food first before going to bars or
    shakes, although we understand that some-
    times it's unavoidable.

    Ideally you should be having a combo of
    carbs, good fat, and protein.

    Here are a few "proper pairings" to try:

    Yogurt, 1/4 cup high fiber cereal, 2 tb raw nuts, 1/2 cup berries
    Peanut butter and banana sandwich
    Apple, string cheese, 1/4 cup almonds
    Baby carrots, hummus dip, and beef jerky
    Kashi oatmeal, natural peanut butter, 1/4 cup pecans
    Pack a few of these snacks for work or when
    you're on the road to fire up your metabolism,
    kick up your energy, and feel full.

    Rock your fitness,

    John Bocobo
    Good to Go Fitness, LLC.