Happy Post-Turkey

  • Happy Post-Turkey,

    Okay, I know how much you all ate. I was there too. Here's another tip to help you make it to next year with smaller thighs, buns, and stomach. Just go play. We live in So Cal people! Let everyone else
    around the country worry about winter. Go do something physical outside. There are tons of trails, parks, and beaches to get your bike, hike, or surf on. Playing seems less like work and you'€™re more
    likely to keep doing it. Heck, put a basket on your bike and a helmet on your melon, and ride to the grocery store.

    Follow the link to find your outdoor playground: http://www.trails.com/findarea.aspx\?state=CS. See you next week.

    Live light,

    John Bocobo
    Fitness Professional