Holiday Post Partum Blues?

  • Holiday Post Partum Blues?

    Here is 1 survival tip you can use so your health and fitness don't go completely out the window. Workout at least once during the week with every itty-bitty ounce of intensity you have. Why?  Because the brainiacs who study exercise say that one intense session during the week will help you maintain what you've worked hard all year for. Don'€™t think that absolves you from getting in another two workouts during the week. You've got them coming and you CAN fit them into your schedule. Check back next week to learn how.

    If you need some help intensifying your workouts give us a ring at 800/403/8538. We'll be more than happy to spend some time with you turning up the dial on your sweat meter.

    John Bocobo
    Fitness Professional