Mountain Biking Stretches

  • Here's the Mountain Bike warm up pics (attached) and instructions.

    1. Sternocleidomastoid Strectch: This little neck muscle is usually tight for mountain bikers and can create tension and headaches. Stand tall and bring your left arm down and out to the side. Pinch the left shoulder blade to the spine and down toward your back pocket. Tilt your right ear to your right shoulder and turn your chin as if looking over your left shoulder. The stretch will go from behind your left ear to the left collarbone.

    2. 1/2 Kneeling Hip Flexor: Hip flexors are another typically tight area for bikers that can cause low back pain. Take a half-kneeling position on your right knee. Keep a tall spine and pull your belly- button in. Tilt your hips under you and squeeze your glutes tight, to produce a stretch in the right hip area and up and down the right leg. Next, reach upward with your right arm and lean your torso to the left. Be sure to keep your hips tilted under and glutes squeezed. Finally, extend your left arm and apply a slight overpressure with your right hand on your left knee, to allow you to rotate from your midsection.

    3. 360 Calf Stretch: Tightness in the calfs can cause achy knees and low back, use this stretch to loosen all aspects of the calfs. Place your right foot on a slant board or step and raise the arch of your right foot. Flex your left hip and stand tall to place a stretch on the calf. Stretch the lateral and medial aspects by turning your hips right then left. Repeat the process for the left calf.

    If you have any Qs let me know.

    John Bocobo

    Fitness Professional