Which one is Better?

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    This question comes my way now and then,
    so I'm putting it out there for you just in case
    its been making you go hmmmmmm.

    Here it is:

    What's better for losing weight cardio or

    The truth...................................neither.

    Here's why. Most people post-up on a treadmill,
    elliptical, bike, stairs, or whatever, for 30,
    45, 60, or even 90 minutes.

    Who has that time?

    Any time spent on said machines is usually
    at a speed like Elmer Fudd creaping along
    looking for wabbits.

    Let's be honest here. The long steady bouts of
    cardio that many people have gotten accustomed
    to just doesn't provide the amount of high
    calorie burn that is needed to lose inches.

    You gotta bring the intensity with the cardio
    work so you don't have to carve a chunk out
    of your schedule and you maximize the
    calories you burn.


    The majority of people want to focus
    in on this body part and that. Well the reality is
    that you can't spot reduce anywhere on your
    body, and the idea of isolating parts comes from
    body builders.

    Bodybuilding is cool if that's what you want but
    the last time I checked most of my personal
    clients and their neighbors and friends just wanted
    to be toned, fit, and look good in their clothes.

    That's why your weight training needs to consist
    mostly of exercises that use more than one
    muscle group at once. This lets you burn
    a lot of calories in one shot and get your heart rate up,
    so you burn even more calories.

    This idea of combining intense cardio with weights
    is what's being called Metabolic Training.
    It seriously kicks up your metabolism to help
    you burn fat, firm up, and save time.

    Combine this powerful technique with a dialed-in
    nutrition program and you'll be well on your way
    to some amazing results.

    Get after it guys!

    Committed to your fitness success,


    PS - Special thanks to Fit Body Boot camper
    Debbie for referring Mary Alice. You're awesome!