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    Just in time for your holiday activity calendar - Foes Enduro Days - the details. We checked in with the team to see what the verdict was.


    "Yeah. It took a moment, but we finally settled on a format for the Foes Enduro Days. We will be hitting each stage twice, eight runs per rider. This will give new people a chance to pre-ride," explained Chris Ashford, owner-operator of the SCOA Shuttle, during a late night conference call. He continued, "we wanted to do six stages with one run a piece, but it didn't quite work out logistically. Ramin (Fenchel) pointed out that six different runs was a lot of moving parts for one day. We are going to keep it simple and fun."


    At the moment, the stages are:


    1. Christian Camp to Chilao Visitor Center Road
    2. Mt Hillyer to Chilao Visitor Center Road
    3. Silver Moc @ Charlton Flats
    4. Red Box to Switzers.


    "We have a few more details to work out with Foes but with the holidays in full effect - wanted to do the heavy lifting then give them a chance to weigh in later. I can say that a few of their riders are rolling through this Sunday. Carlos Lugo gave us a shout this morning. We have done a few location shoots with him. He is a lot of fun to run with. I expect DB (Daniel Burt Foes Brand Manager) out too. My guess is that they will have a bike or two on hand, but we will need to confirm. I've seen the new bikes with DVO on them - they are sweet. Hopefully, we can see them but stay tuned! " cautioned Chris.


    With another call coming through, we ended the conversation. All the details are posted online. Be sure you read up on the event and plan accordingly.


    Foes Enduro Days 2015/2016


    SCOA Shuttle

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