Cannell Trail burning

  • The Plunge, which is the most famous part of the Cannell Trail, has in fact been burned. Just how much is not exactly know? On Mtbr's blog site someone  said it is 3/4 burned as of yesterday. However the pictures show that the canyon north of the trail head is burned but the hill that the trail runs along the north side is not. The smoke in the picture shows the fire burning up the mountain to the northeast which would be away from the Plunge. What is not evident in the picture is if the fire spread from Riverkern southeast as well? What is very concerning is that the reports of acreage burned has gone from 6000 acres on Wednesday to 14000 today, Thursday, and is burning toward the Kern Plateau which would take it into Cannell Meadows and the big trees. A fire a number of years ago started in the the Kern River valley and burned 164,000 acres, which put it right up there with the Station Fire. That fire burned into the old growth trees and all the way up to the top of Sherman Peak at 9900 ft. Sherman Pass is where you drop off to start the Cannell Trail and none of that area burned. The drive up there however is almost entirely through a burn and that drive takes 1.5 hours.