Chris and Sheryl's Australian Adventure

  • I've got two days to plan a trip to OZ!

    Here are some of the suggestions!. .

    Gena - Climb Sydney Harbor Bridge, Take a trip to the Blue Mountains for sure (about 2 hrs out of Sydney) but beautiful. On saturday and sundays they have cute farmers markets. If you drink coffee, figure out there coffee language before you go. That was my mistake. :)

    Erica - I can connect you with some cool sydney peeps I met when I was there 2 yrs ago!

    Mark - Go to Manley beach for a couple of days, nice beach nicer than Bondai. Check out Darling Harbor, Taronga Zoo is cool to see. Outside of Sidney there are a ton of national park areas. - check out the new south wales park site, there is a ton of cool stuff to see. (including the blue mountains that Gena recommended-great mountain biking there!) -...

    Barbara - Definitely go to Jenolan (sp?) Caves- about 4 hour outside of Sydney. You should plan to stay over as you can't see all the caves in one day. I think most require a guide. ...they are stunning least the were 15 years ago!

    Aleesa - 1) take the ferry to Manly Beach one day- u get good views of the city to boot- it's a beach town good for lazysunbathing, walking the cute neighborhoods, beachside lunch/dinner.
    2) spend a day at surfing at Bondi Beach and swim in the salt lake pool that is part of the ocean there (it's a local beach u can pay to do for one day). EXCELLENT running...  Oh and the aquarium in Sydney is great! The shark bit is the best part.

    Farron - Just seeing this, but i presume you are not referring to Sidney,MontanaM. Thus, I recommend spending 3 actual days in Sydney and the go walkabout

    Me - You people rock. Indeed we are talking about Australia. What about stuff off the beaten path? Aside from Erica, any of you have personal connections in Australia? We will be heading to GBR to dive. Any suggestions there?

    Robert - Ah, to have your dilemma... :) (have a blast)

    Farron - For what it is worth, Bill Bryson's Sunburnt Country provided me a few personal interest items to consider. Peace.

    Jennifer - My cousin & his wife are biologists currently doing insect research in Queensland & Northern Territories. They are all-around cool people. Will you get up that way during your travels? Have a wonderful trip!

    Carsten - The blue mountains, the 3 sisteres..... endless off things that you can do!

    Kristin - my best friend in the world no pun intended lives down melbourne way... Don't know if you two ever met..Chris Kirby?? Anyhow, I will send you his contact info OK?? Only thing is you have to give him and his wife a hug and kiss from me.. They haven't been stateside in about 10 years!!

    Daniel - P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney....Find Nemo

    Marnie - Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!!! Drive to Kalama for the blow hole. Drive to the Blue Mountains and go hiking. The Rocks. Take in something at the Opera House. Botanical Gardens - and look at those awesome bats! Have fun! If you don't think you'll go back to Oz then fly north - get yourself to Lady Elliott Island, the southern most tip of the GB reef. The diving & snorkeling is fantastic!

    Me - @Dan McKendry - actually Nemo made it out to the Channel Islands where he had an untimely encounter with my spear gun

    Barbara - Around Dunk Island in the GBR had wonderful scuba diving. - saw giant Clams, Sea Cucumbers and 8' fish I think may have been flounder. ...pretty awesome where ever you go on the GBR, I suspect!
    Happy B day and have fun!

    Steve - Blue Mountains definitely worth a visit (take the train), walk the top of the bridge, visit palm beach (near mouth of broken bay), darling harbour, the rocks, the opera house and manly.


    Now to sort them and make some phone calls.  Oh and my underwater housing just got here. . . I gotta jump in the pool and test!