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    Hey Gear Heads,

    Tuesday update.  Chaney Trail was off the chain this morning. Below is the GPS track and a short write up.  Don't forget, no matter where you are riding Wednesday, stop by SCOA HQ for some barbie AND some action video.  Details below.  JUST added:  Thursday we are going back to Chaney Trail.  It is too good to let it lie fallow.  Also, Bommer Canyon is open to mountain bikers on Saturday.  If you want in you need to sign up on their website.  Details below.

    Chaney Traiil to Sam Merrill. . .
    BLOG -19 July 2010
    MTBers just love Chaney Trail. It is the glue that connects mountain bikers with some of the best single-track riding in the San Garbriels. It comes at a cost though. You either climb it from the front side about 1800 of vertical in less than 2 miles more you drive some 60 minutes on highway. We chose the climb this morning. . .
    Adventure Movie Screenings, BBQ and mini bonfire!
    Event - 21 July 2010
    Take a mid-week break from your normal world and come watch your favorite videos under the moonlight at SCOA HQ. We will provide the screen, the projector, the grill and a fire pit. You upload your favorite video to SCOA, bring a beach chair, some grillables, your favorite beverage and of course your appetite for food and adventure video.
    Technical Tuesdays
    Event - 22 July 2010
    This Thursday too! To the uninitiated, Chaney Trail is a brutal climb. Even strong climbers are forced to their granny gear within the first mile. It doesn't let up until the road turns to dirt at the Lower San Merrill cut-off about 60 minutes later. But it is worth it. San Merrill and Idelehour Trails are single-track heaven. Descending these technical trails takes some skill. Hard tails and trail bikes will do the best, although all-mountain bikes will do fine.
    Bommer Canyon Open Access Day
    EVENT - 24 July 2010
    The plan for the day will be to check out all the trails mountain bikers normally don't get to ride. Count on about a 3-4 hour ride with a lot of steep climbs and some cool single tracks. This is an exploratory ride, and as such, you should be ready for a long ride.