Humidity, mosture and sleeping bags - Ecuador Expedition less than 48 hours!

  • Edge of the CityQuito weather isn't that bad.  The 9200+ elevation is reporting 68F, thunderstorms and humidity 49%.  The jungle area, considerably lower in alitude is gonna be warmer and a lot more humid.  The equipment list options for either a bivvy sack or sleeping bag.   The bivvy sack promised - didn't make it - darn.  The ones at the store are $200+.  Even worse my wonderful North Face down bag, suitable for Mount Everest Expeditions, will most likely soak up moisture and stay wet the whole time.

    Online I can see the Kelty Light Year XP and the Mountain Hardwear Lamina.  Does anyone out there have any experience with either?

    Kelty Light Year XP  

    "The Light Year XP 40° is a summer-weight synthetic bag with a hip-length zipper and zippered foot vent that is perfect for light and fast adventures in unpredictable conditions."

    Mountain Hardwear Lamina

    "The Lamina™ 0 is an excellent choice for damp, winter conditions. Welded layer construction maintains loft in the bag through repeated washings and compression cycles. This comfortable, roomy, mummy cut bag is insulated with ThermicMicro™ fill. Face gasket and Ergo Draft Co"

    They are both light weight and synthetic - key for this adventure.  They both compress into really small stuff bags another nice feature.  Have any of you used either bag?  I am leaning to the Kelty because I burn up with the North Face Inferno and the Kelty is the warmest.  Ideas - anyone?