Ah the Briskness of it all - time to ski/ride folks

  • Ah the Briskness of it all - time to ski/ride folks

    Just got back from an amazing weekend at Mammoth. Friday was the most productive - no lines, new snow mean yo-yoing Char 5, 3, 2 and 12. Oh my what a day. My highlight though, was the opening of 23.  We scored the 26rd chair - but who was counting - after the top of the mountain had been closed al week. Wipe Out was calling my name. Those of you who are unfamiliar, skier/rider's left side has a sweet, albeit breathtakingly steep entrance. What's nice is that very few people hit. What's not so nice is that if you get it wrong you will lose your street "cred" from the folks on the lift and the slide to the bottom is LONG.

    I opted for the off camber short right turn followed by a deep left turn back to the line. Sweet ginger brown it was amazing! Too many turns to count but it was butter top to St. Anton where I stopped.

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