Got Gear?

  • With the Jungle Expedition, just a few weeks away, I gotta get on the equipment list.  A link to the event. It is one thing to have everything, it is yet another to have it properly fitted, worn in and in top notch working order.  In the coming days, I'll share the process I go through to get ready for big trips like this. 

    The good news is that Mickey is an expert.  The better news is that I am not too proud to ask.

    Our first item is the NRS Workboot Wetshoe.  What do you mean I can't wear my Tevas in the jungle?

    NRS Workboot Wetshoe


    Were is the entire recommended equipment list:

     Jungle Clothing:

        * Good hiking boots – high top ankle (NRS Workboot Wetshoe)(Low cut shoes or sneakers would not be accepted for the jungle expedition)
        * Light water shoes or ‘crocks’ - 1 pair
        * Wool socks (Smartwool) - 4 pairs
        * Long sleeve earth colors light shirts (Eco-mesh shirt recommended) – 3 shirts
        * Short sleeve earth colors shirts
        * Cool max underwear – 3 pairs
        * Long light pants – 3 pairs
        * Quick drying travel towels – 4
        * Mosquito head nets or Bug Out Jackets
        * Speedo and/or any other swimwear
        * Safari Hat
        * Bandana
        * Sunglasses.
        * Light rain jacket/windbreaker with hood
        * Light wool or fleece sweater


        * Sun block (due to a very high Ultra Violet level at this location)
        * Windbreaker glasses
        * Coat and warm clothing for freezing temperature
        * Warm hat
        * Gloves


        * Small duffle bag to pack for only a 6 days jungle expedition.
        * Camelback type backpack (2-3 liter size)
        * Water purifier bottle (katadyn - Exstream Purifier Bottle)
        * Extra water purifier Filter
        * LED lights ( headlight/flashlight) – 2 sets suggested
        * Extra batteries for led light
        * Roll up sleeping mattress (Therm a rest) Extra light weight mattress
        * Thermo-Lite 2.0 Bivvy Sack -Ultra light alternative to a summer-light sleeping bag.
        * Water proof dry bag for personal gear and clothing.
        * Hand gloves
        * Anti-Chafing Skin Protection product (bodyglide)
        * Bug repellent
        * Organic bath soap
        * Organic, Bio-graded hand-wash laundry detergent.
        * Whistle – a must to bring.
        * Multi tools (Home Depot).
        * Duct tape
        * Magnesium lighter
        * Electrolytes supplement supply (Hammer nutrition)
        * Energy food / bars of your choice. (supply of 4 to 6 bars a day for 5 days)
        * Camera/video, extra chips and extra batteries.